Pro Framers choose "Certified Archival Products"
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About Us

Since 2005, ArchapeX has been developing products for the Archival Storage and Conservation Framing industries.  Conservators, Archivists and Professional Framers have used our products in Government Archives, Galleries, Museums, and Institutional Collections.  Anywhere there is art or archives, you will find our products.  These materials have been developed with the most up to date standards available.  As research has changed the requirements, we have kept pace with new and innovative products to assure our customers they are buying the best protection possible.  

Framebacks. com continues this tradition by offering a simple way for Professional Framers to order their materials online and to re-order based on personal history.  A simple layout and competitive pricing only add to the assurance of knowing everything you buy here is "Certified Archival".   

What is "Certified Archival"?

We are the only source to offer "Certified Archival".  It's our statement the products have met the Library of Congress specifications and are accepted by the National Archives, Smithsonian Institute and the National Gallery.  

These specifications include "Lignin Free" papers, pH 8.5 - 10, able to pass the Photographic Activity Test, minimum 3% Calcium Carbonate buffering, Non-Bleed, Non-Fade Pigment colorants, no Optical Brighteners, no Alum-Rosin sizing, and a number of other chemical tests.  See the full "Certified Archival Specification" here.  

Most importantly, we think Professional Framers will appreciate the convenience of working with us and the confidence that they are ordering exactly what they need from a specialized company that knows what it takes.