Pro Framers choose "Certified Archival Products"
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We're Behind You!

We've got your back What's behind your frame says a lot about who's in front of it. The exclusively "Certified Archival" frame-backing materials product line.   Only Certified Archival Quality materials go into our products.   Convenient ordering – multiple sizes, reasonable quantities, volume pricing, easy shipping.     For the back of your frames, Archival Dustcover is available in light gray or light tan archival paper. Our paper is either .007 or .010 thick so you can trust its strength and durability.   Inside the dustcover, support and fill your frames with Gray Archival Corrugated Board. A lightweight and...

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Environmental Impact


A frame that lasts 20 years may not sound like an environmental concern, until you consider that 15% of the frameback materials are trimmed and discarded. Plus, eventually, it will make its way to the waste stream and we want future generations to know we planned for that. You may have noticed already that all of our products are made of renewable materials.  We feel that conservation of our environment is every bit as important as the conservation of art.  So, here is our statement about that:  All materials offered by are: Renewable - Forest products are responsibly farmed from...

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Why use only Framebacks "Certified Archival" for all of my backing materials?

  Here are Five Good Reasons:  Image - Customers know you are a quality framer. Simplicity - One quality of backing materials to explain. Reduction of inventory storage space Savings with less money tied up in on-site inventory. Quality Assurance with less chance of error.

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Welcome to!

certified archival Welcome

Welcome to FrameBacks - We are excited to offer you the only all Certified Archival materials store for your Professional Framing needs.  At, all of our materials meet the Library of Congress standards for archival properties.  You don't even have to ask-Everything is Archival. Why?  We believe you want to offer your customers the highest level of confidence that the work they are having professionally framed is constructed from the very best materials from front to back.   By using only Certified Archival materials, you never worry about what you're using in your shop.   Simplify your ordering and...

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