Pro Framers choose "Certified Archival Products"
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We're Behind You!

We've got your back

What's behind your frame says a lot about who's in front of it.

The exclusively "Certified Archival" frame-backing materials product line.


Only Certified Archival Quality materials go into our products.


Convenient ordering – multiple sizes, reasonable quantities, volume pricing, easy shipping.  


For the back of your frames, Archival Dustcover is available in light gray or light tan archival paper. Our paper is either .007 or .010 thick so you can trust its strength and durability.


Inside the dustcover, support and fill your frames with Gray Archival Corrugated Board. A lightweight and sturdy filler in 4 ply and 8 ply thicknesses and many sizes up to 48 x 96”.


Choose any of our stable, rigid and smooth Archival Backer Boards . Easy to cut and available in multiple sizes and quantities.


Hexamount panels are our newest product and simply get the job done. To fill 1/2” or 3/4” space with a rigid, smooth and very lightweight panel, no other product does the job like Hexamount. Available in four sizes up to 48 x 96 . Color choices are Black or White. Liners are either 100% Cotton Museum or Conservation. Your frames will astound customers.



See the Products Page for product listings for sizes, order quantities and pricing information.





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