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Environmental Impact


A frame that lasts 20 years may not sound like an environmental concern, until you consider that 15% of the frameback materials are trimmed and discarded. Plus, eventually, it will make its way to the waste stream and we want future generations to know we planned for that.

You may have noticed already that all of our products are made of renewable materials.  We feel that conservation of our environment is every bit as important as the conservation of art.  So, here is our statement about that: 

All materials offered by are:

  • Renewable - Forest products are responsibly farmed from managed forests and provide an overall positive environmental impact.  Where practical, they are sourced from SFI certified mills. 
  • Recyclable - Cellulose Fiber and Cotton Fiber are easily recycled in our waste stream.  Our fiber actually improves the overall quality of the recycled fiber cycle by introducing strong new raw material into the stream.
  • Compostable - Cellulose and Cotton Fibers are readily compostable in soil or in commercial composting facilities.

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